Mclaren M23 WIP

Mclaren M23 WIP

Thursday, July 29, 2021

RG RX-78-2 #7

Core fighter completed with GSI GX113 UV cut flat clear :

Adding blue and red parts on the skeleton and start applying decals on both feet :

The bright tone colors on the body are actually transparent blue and red on top of silver. Just sprayed 2 layers of the transparent colors will make the necessary effect. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

F40 body shell for 1/12 pan car

 It is a 1/16 body shell for some other RC chassis, I think it is nice so fit it on an Xray x12 pan car. 

Shell color scheme. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Top Force Evo and Super Hotshot

 The TF Evo is hard to find, not sure why. 

Xray X10 Link pan car - run again after many years

Home track has a new surface recently, apparently it has a very high traction and while it is a foam tires killer for big scale like 1/8 on road gas cars, 1/10 pan cars would be benefits.

Tested run for a few days with my old X10 link - with some old tires - not even require the tire additives and it ran fantastically !

Tire wearing - as shown in the picture are after about 30 mins of run (4 packs of Lipo), I would say it is acceptable as a high grip surface and the car really stick to the ground without additives. It is mostly the front tires that got turn down in 30 mins, rear tires seems to be able to last for 2+ set of front tires. 

Optima bodyshell completed

 Completed with 3 paints - acrylic black and copper, and layers of enamel white color.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

New tools - GSI PS 275 and PS 771


RG RX-78-2 #6

Applied decals and a clear coat on the core fighter. 

At same time start working on the blue parts - plan to have two tones of the blue for the main body.
Tone 1 : Gaia 004 and a high light with Gaia 004 mixed with a few drops GSI UG01.
Tone 2 : Gaia 032 gloss black, covered by 2 thin layers of Tamiya spray can TS17, and then 3 thin layers of GSI 50 transparent blue.